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You can use this page to enter into the 2022 Rose/Summer show.

Just use the box entitled "No. of entries" to tell us how many entries you wish to make in each class. You only need to put a number against any class you wish to enter — leave the others blank. Once that's done please enter your name, email address and telephone number at the bottom of the form.

There are some rules & guides which you may wish to look at to make sure your entry(s) will be accepted. They're all .pdf documents which will open in new pages. Along with the Show regulations, we have 'A guide for exhibitors' and recipes for 2022. Also available - awards to be presented at the Show. You can download any of these if you wish.

Once you've completed the entry form, click/tap the button entitled "Send Show entry form" to send your entry to the Show Secretary.

You can use the quick links below to take you to your desired category, or just scroll down the page.


Class No.ClassFurther InformationNo. of entries
1A display of anything grown by the exhibitorSpace allowed: 30"


Class No.ClassFurther InformationNo. of entries
2Display of rosesSpace allowed: 30" wide
3Roses - 1 vase of 3HT bloomsOne variety
4Roses - 1 vase of 3HT bloomsMore than one variety
5Roses - 1 vase of 3HT blooms1 bud, 1 perfect, 1 fully open
6Roses - 1 specimen HT bloomRed or pink
7Roses - 1 specimen HT bloomYellow or white
8Roses - 1 specimen HT bloomBi-coloured
9Roses - 1 specimen HT bloomAny other colour
10Roses - 3 stems shrub roses 
11Roses - 1 stem shrub rose 
12Roses - 3 stems floribunda/cluster floweredOne variety
13Roses - 1 stem floribunda/cluster flowered 
14Roses - 3 stems floribunda/cluster floweredMore than one variety
15Roses - 1 vase of climbing or rambler roses3 stems
16Roses - 1 vase of miniature rosesOne or more varieties - 3 stems
17Roses - 1 vase of HT bloomsAny variety - maximum of 9 blooms
18Roses - 1 stem any other rose 
19Roses - One pot-grown miniature roseMaximum height 12" (excluding pot)


Class No.ClassFurther InformationNo. of entries
25Antirrhinums5 stems
26Sweet Peas3 vases - 3 distinct varieties (3 stems of 1 variety in each vase)
27Sweet Peas7 stems - one or more varieties
28Sweet Peas1 specimen bloom
29Perennial Sweet Pea3 stems
30Pansies/Violas6 stems in container provided
31Stocks3 stems
32Delphiniums1 spike
33Delphiniums2 spikes - to be vased separately
34Pinks - single3 stems (NOT disbudded)
35Pinks - double3 stems (NOT disbudded)
36Iris3 (bulbous rooted)
37Flowering shrubs1 or more varieties
38Carnations3 blooms
39Marigolds5 stems - African or French
40Perennials3 stems - 1 or more varieties
41Gaillardias5 blooms
42Calendula5 stems
43Lily1 stem
44Annuals3 stems of 1 or more varieties
45Fuchsias6 blooms displayed in container provided
46Pelargoniums3 flowering stems - 1 or more varieties
47Pelargoniums6 leaves displayed in container provided (min. 3 varieties)
48A vase of any climbing flower, excluding roses 
49Allium1 stem
50Hosta leaves3 in vase
51Grasses1 vase


Class No.ClassFurther InformationNo. of entries
53Foliage pot plant1 plant
54Cactus1 plant
55Collection of Cacti/Succulents in pot or decorative container 
56Succulent1 plant
57Fuchsia1 plant (up to 5" diameter pot)
58Fuchsia1 plant (over 5" diameter pot)
59Begonia1 plant
60Gloxinia1 plant
61Saintpaulia (African Violet)1 plant
62Streptocarpus1 plant
63Orchid1 plant
64Pelargonium1 plant
65Miniature Pelargonium1 plant
66Bonsai1 specimen
67Hosta1 pot
68Lilies1 pot
69Flowering plantLarge (greater than 5" pot) - excluding plants named above
70Flowering plantSmall (max. pot 5") - excluding plants named above
71A container of growing flowers 
72A hanging basketMaximum size 16" diameter
73Ferns1 pot
74Alpines1 pot


A member can exhibit in the Novice classes if he/she has never won a prize in any previous Show of the Society

Class No.ClassFurther InformationNo. of entries
78Vase of any flowersAny varieties
79Roses1 bloom
80Roses1 stem floribunda/cluster flowered
81Vegetable1 specimen


Any kind of flowers arranged for decorative effect - NOT FLORAL ART. Flowers must be grown by the exhibitor. Self foliage may be used (natural means foliage from any plant, free from artificial treatment such as dyeing, etc.). Any container may be used.

Class No.ClassFurther InformationNo. of entries
86Vase of mixed flowers arranged for frontal effectFoliage permitted (not Roses)
87Roses arranged in a rose bowl 
88Lady's spray 
89Gentleman's buttonhole 
90Container of Sweet Peas for all round effect (self foliage only) 
91Assorted foliageNo flowers
92A bowl of floating flowers 


All dishes to be of one variety. Please see Regulations for Exhibitors (opens in new page)

Class No.ClassFurther InformationNo. of entries
98Collection of 3 dishes of vegetables, salading and/or fruit (3 kinds)Staging permitted
99One of each of four kinds of vegetables, salading and/or fruit 
100Dwarf beans7
101Broad beans7
102Cabbages2 - one variety with 4" stem
103Onions3 - with top foliage and roots
105Potatoes - white3
106Potatoes - any other colour3
107Carrots3 - with 4" foliage
108Lettuce2 - to be shown with roots
109Beetroot3 - with 4" foliage
112Any other saladingFor quantities see Regulations for Exhibitors
114Cherry tomatoes - max. size 35mm dia.5
115Rhubarb3 sticks - 3" leaf blade to be left on
116Any other vegetableFor quantities see Regulations for Exhibitors
119Currants - red, white or black9 bunches
122Any other fruit5
1236 different herbs in individual small vases supplied 
124Herbs growing in a container (maximum size 9" diameter) 
125An arrangement of vegetables and/or fruit in a basket or trug 


Class No.ClassFurther InformationNo. of entries
128Photograph (Antiques)Maximum overall size A4
129Photograph (Reflections)Maximum overall size A4
130An exhibit of soft craftKnitting, patchwork, macrame, etc.
131An exhibit of hard craftMetalwork, pottery, etc.
132An exhibit of artworkPainting, drawing, pressed flowers, etc.
133An exhibit of jewellery 
134An exhibit of woodwork 
135Hand Made Centenary Card 


Recipes can be found here (opens in new page)

Class No.ClassFurther InformationNo. of entries
139Centenary Cake (Decorated Sponge. Maximum 8" round 
1401 Jar Soft Fruit jam 
1414 slices of Bread Pudding 
1426 Cheese Straws 
1434 Shrewsbury biscuits 
144Madeira Cake(7" deep round tin)


Class No.ClassFurther InformationNo. of entries
150Fruit wine - red 
151Vegetable wine - white, sweet 
152Vegetable wine - white, dry 
153Liqueur (Sloe Gin, etc.) 


Recipes can be found here (opens in new page)

Class No.ClassFurther InformationNo. of entries
158AAny Veg. or FruitSchool Year 2 and under
158BAny Flower in supplied vaseSchool Year 2 and under
158CMug CakeSchool Year 2 and under
159AAny Veg. or FruitSchool Year 3-6
159BAny Flower in supplied vaseSchool Year 3-6
159CMug CakeSchool Year 3-6
160AAny Veg. or FruitSchool Year 7-11
160BAny Flower in supplied vaseSchool Year 7-11
160CMug CakeSchool Year 7-11


To be arranged at the show unless otherwise stated

Class No.ClassFurther InformationNo. of entries
166A Table Arrangement"Centenary Celebration"
167An Arrangement"1920's Style"

For both of the above, a space of 24" is allowed with fresh materials and accessories being allowed

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